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Met dit ontwerp genaamd 'GREENskin' heeft ErasmusX meegedaan aan een prijsvraag in de Verenigde Staten in 2009. Omschrijving (in het Engels):


GREENskin's structure is rather low, because a lower construction is stronger. This also makes the design more economical, because it can be lighter. For a low pressure on the walls, the roof is obtuse angled. All rooms cross to create a central point for distribution of utilities like electricity. Flexibel interior walls enable many configurations of the indoors. Moving the walls will be possible without moving cables. The high rooms and windows generate a stable airflow that does not rely on wind or electricity. This natural ventilation is created by openings along the bottom of the outside walls and up to the high on the roof.


Light influences the fysiologic and psychological processes in the human being. Therefore, natural light is imperative. In the GREENskin the light reaches every room. Light walls, ceiling and floors can enhance this effect. They reflect the daylight deeper into the rooms.


Because of its lay-out GREENskin is a future proof solution. The house has been designed to enable its inhabitans to remain in theire hous when living conditions change, because of old age, sickness or having children. This is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs using part of their home as office space.


In the future, our society needs to make better use of sustainable materials and energy sources. It is the only way to enable sustainable economic growth without jeopardaizing our environment. GREENskin emphazises the use of renawable raw materials, that do not deplete nature. The carefully chosen materials used in GREENskin take into account the energy used while producing, transporting and processing as well as the impact of the energy consumption during use and release of detrimental substance. Natural materials have a positive influence on our habitat. Next to our second skin, clothing, a house needs to be seen as our third skin. A skin who will protect us from cold, wind and rain, but also jerms and bacteria. If we build a house from natural, breathing materials, this will have a positive impact on our wellbeing, because of the warmth and humidity regulating properties of the material. Natural light is another important aspect of the design. GREENskin will be supplied as a prefabricated flexibel structure that the user wil agree upon. The structure is ecological and biological. The final result will depend on personal use and budget. All available choices of GREENskin share the same vision.


Circulaire Architectuur

Circulaire Architectuur

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Integraal Duurzaam

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Energie Neutraal